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Words by John Ashworth – Images by Geoff Cunningham + Linksoul

Sort of ironic that I’d be advocating for the abolishment of a dress code for golf, but I am. 

I’ve spent the past 33 years designing and making clothing specifically for shops that are located at golf courses of which many have fairly strict ‘guidelines’ on dress code. Granted, there are some golf course facilities that do not have dress codes but I’d venture to guess well over 50% do have dress codes. 

I’m not suggesting people show up on the first tee in pajamas, cut offs or leisure suits. But in order for the game of golf to flourish and attract future generations it would be a good idea to loosen up and let people wear what they want to wear and be free to express themselves during their precious recreational time while socializing and having fun. 

Take for example skiing, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, all outdoor recreational activities that you can do alone or with friends and none of these require a dress code. Left to their own styling choices I have faith people will express themselves to maximize their level of enjoyment without raining on anyone’s parade.

For the past 6 years I’ve been managing a public golf facility called Goat Hill Park in Oceanside CA. From the beginning it was quite liberating and exciting to announce that we have no dress code and that everyone is welcome. We also play groovy music around the clubhouse and we’re dog friendly. When you get right down to it we’re trying to create a very relaxed vibe where people can enjoy the outdoors and the game of golf with their friends and family without feeling like they’re walking on eggshells and breaking rules.

What’s most important to is that people show the utmost respect for each other, the golf course and the facility. Live by the golden rule: Treat people the way that you would like to be treated.

Everyone’s happy, everyone wins!


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